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Losers of the Year has entertained thousands up and down the west coast with their highly energetic and unpredictable stage shows.

With three albums of original material and an arsenal of cover songs at their disposal, LOTYs stage show and music has evolved tremendously from their pop-punk roots to the more mature and dynamic Rock style they exhibit today.

From countless bars and venues to large scale events at the local, county and state level Losers of the Year has done it all. Their music has been featured regularly on x103.9fm, as well as dozens of college radio stations. The band has shared the stage with The Matches, Suburban Legend, The Pink Spiders, and many others.

The band formed in Janurary 2003 using instruments bought from their local pawn shop. The four brothers immediately went to work learning to play their favorite songs and were soon writing their own. By October of that same year the band had played their first show. By the end of the following year they had written and recorded their first full length album and began working on their second.

With the release of third album "Misery City" the band breaks new creative ground with their first concept album.
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